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Photo Caption Winners Plus A New Online Poll On Herd Expansion

This time of year is when we plan the genetic pairings for our herd. We consult the semen catalog and make our lists for genetic pairings, figuring out which cows will go to which pasture, double-checking calving records, and drawing up a cull list, if necessary. With May just around the corner, we're gearing up to artificially inseminate cattle, move pairs to pasture, and ready the planter, hay bind and baler for the season ahead. Whatever the list might be, ranchers use lists to keep track of their livestock and make educated management decisions.

This photo taken by Lauren Chase captures exactly that, and with more than 70 entries to caption this photo, we have selected three champions to win a copy of “Cowboy Wisdom -- What The World Can Learn From The Wit And Wisdom Of The West,” by David Stevenson and photography by David Stoecklein.



Congratulations to our winners!

Jeff Madison -- “A real cowboy's I-pad (batteries not required)”

Smawil78 -- “Tag I.D. and registration, please. Do you know how fast you were grazing?”

Richard Bretz -- “Ma'am, would you like timothy hay or alfalfa as your salad?”

Thanks to all who participated! Look for updates on our May photography contest, with the theme and prizes to be announced soon!

By the way, as we make our lists, often we have to evaluate our keep and cull list based on the performance of the cow and if she fits within our breeding program goals.

In this week’s online poll we ask, “What are your cowherd plans for 2013?” With 111 votes in so far, 40% of you plan to expand your herd; 38% plan to remain the same; 13% will contract their herds; 5% aren’t sure; and, the remaining 5% plan to get out, but not retire. Vote in the poll here, and be sure to explain your plans in the comments section below.


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