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Pork Is The New Poultry As It Buys Market Share

pork prices buy up beef market share

Poultry has literally purchased market share by keeping prices low in relation to beef. Pork is now positioned to take advantage of the same strategy.

Pork prices in May were actually lower than a year ago. And USDA projects that pork prices will be lower in 2013 than last year, and up significantly for both beef and poultry. Whether market share is purchased through lower prices or earned through greater demand does not seem to matter. That's because, once gone, market share and per-capita consumption has proven almost impossible to regain.

Pork should be commended for seeing this great opportunity created by a growing price disparity. They also deserve congratulations for their full-out assault on the perceived value difference between beef and pork.

It was probably only a matter of time before pork adopted the successful strategies employed by the poultry industry. The lesson for the beef industry is that we had better figure out a way to combat these strategies by pork and poultry, because our competitors certainly aren't backing off on their efforts.


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