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Positive Beef Buzz

cow-face.jpg Yesterday, while doing chores and helping out in the field, I think I ate a gallon of dust as the winds gusted up to 52 mph. With temperatures reaching 83 degrees, I even got my first tan line of the season. Spring is certainly in full swing around here, and dare I say that summer is on its way? (I don't want to jinx it for fear of an April blizzard!)

Anyway, today I thought I would share a few stories of the great people in our industry doing great things to create positive beef buzz across the country. It's my hope that we follow their examples and go out and make a positive impact on the world, starting with our first priority: bridging the gap from pasture to plate. Read on to learn more about these folks and their projects that are doing just that.

1. Ranchers Feeding Kids Kick-off BBQ: The Jordan Valley School District in Oregon is hosting a kick-off BBQ for the newly established program, “Ranchers Feeding Kids.” Ranchers in the Jordan Valley community have recently initiated an effort to donate surplus cattle to be harvested, processed and prepared for the Jordan Valley hot lunch program. To date, five head of cattle have been donated to the program for the school district. This is a great way to get quality meat in school cafeterias while promoting ranchers and the work they do to produce that quality product. For more information, contact Anna-Marie Chamberlain at Cheers to a great effort!

2. Nancy Grossi is a California dairy producer, and she writes about her life on the farm via her blog, The Wife of a Dairyman. In response to the city of San Francisco declaring the first Mondays of every month as Meat-Free Mondays, Grossi declared on her blog that every Monday is now Eat Meat Mondays in her book. It's time to alleviate the guilt consumers feel about the meat they eat. Let's remind them of the wonderful reasons why ranchers care for the animals and the environment while producing a safe, wholesome product to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Kudos to this dairy producer!

3. The National Beef Ambassadors have been keeping busy. In addition to preparing for their upcoming trip to promote beef at the Boston Marathon, they are also calling for votes in their Farmers and Ranchers Care Photography Contest, a promotion showing how producers celebrate Earth Day every day. Voting is simple; just click "Like" next to one of the photos in their photo album on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same. Also, be sure to enter your photos in the BEEF Daily Baby Calf Photo Contest. Email me at Check out the photo album here. Deadline is April 21, 2010.

That's the positive beef buzz of the day. Now go out and create your own buzz sharing the good news about agriculture! Leave your success stories in the comments section below. Thanks for all you do!