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Producer Perspective Part Four: Why Do You Love Ag?

kisses.jpg It's time for the fourth and final segment of this producer perspective series that has been going on the last couple of weeks. We've talked about gate latches, stock trailers and cattle breeds. You've sent in your innovative ideas, your past experiences with different products and your loyalties to the breeds that have helped your operation thrive. It's quite evident that you all love this business just as much as I do, and that leads to today's producer perspective question. So, why do you love agriculture?

If the wind, snow, droughts, rain, mud and extreme temperatures haven't chased you out of this business yet, and if the extremely volatile prices of the last couple years haven't taken the wind out of your sails, what is it about the agriculture industry that keeps you coming back for more? Why are we so addicted to such a hard job? More importantly, why are you passionate about the beef cattle industry and the people in it?

Share your stories, your passions and your experiences in the comments section below. Today is a day to announce your love of agriculture. You know the drill, the first two to leave their comments, with a mailing address, will be sent a set of beautiful notecards created by David R. Stoecklein. Don't wait! Send your comments and win your prize! Thanks for your participation!

I LOVE agriculture, do you?