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Producer Perspective Part One: Gate Latches

img_0046.jpg Every day on BEEF Daily, I offer my perspectives and experiences from my travels, my family's operation and of industry hot topics that I think would be of interest to all of you, but this week, I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. In a series of producer perspectives, I'm going to have a bunch of great prizes to give away for participants. So, saddle up and join in on the fun. Today's hot topic is gate latches!

img_0048.jpg Gate latches: everyone has them, but not all are created equal. Producers use a variety of materials to serve as gate latches such as chains, number-nine wire, hooks, metal latches, ropes or levers. Many are homemade and show the creativity and resourcefulness of their makers.In efforts to keep input costs down, you may not care too much what your gate latches look like, as long as they keep the cattle in and are easy for the help to open up when you want to feed hay. Am I right?

twilight-bits.jpg Today, I'm seeking all producer perspectives on this topic. Send me your thoughts, photos and ideas for your best, most creative and industrious gate latches. This is an open forum to share what works best in your own operation to help others be more productive, successful and profitable in theirs, as well. The first two to respond will receive a beautiful set of notecards by David R. Stoecklein.

To get the ball rolling, you'll notice I posted two photos of various gate latches found around my place. If you have a minute, take a few photos while you're out doing chores and send them my way!