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Producer Perspective Part Two: Stock Trailers

img_0044.jpg It's day two of the producer perspective series, and I was thrilled to hear from many of you about your choice of gate latches and the ingenuity used to keep the gates shut and the cattle in. Interestingly, producers who weighed in sourced several materials used for their gate latches, including horse shoes, levers, chains, ropes, padlocks and even electronic openers! Today, we are switching gears to discuss equipment, more specifically, stock trailers.

Stock trailers: they need to get your cattle from one point to another. Do you use trailers or semis? How often do you use them and for what? I visited with a producer yesterday who told me he had to haul his pairs 65 miles, one way, to summer pastures. How far do you haul your pairs? What's the farthest distance you have traveled with a trailer? What brands, models, or length of stock trailers do you prefer? Is this a piece of equipment you could cost share with your neighbors?

Share your thoughts, ideas and photos of your stock trailers with all of us on BEEF Daily! Post your entry in the comments section. The first two to submit photos of their trailers will receive a set of beautiful notecards by David R. Stoecklein. Congratulations to yesterday's winners, Tom Cone and Robert Wortsell, who submitted comments on the gate latches used on their operations and will soon receive their set of notecards for their participation!

Keep tuning in for parts three and four of the producer perspective series! What type of equipment, technology or management practice would you like to discuss next? Send me your ideas; I would love to hear them!