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Ranch Essentials: Gloves, Coveralls, Long Johns and Face Masks

22331_1193667130737_1500180050_30536976_809350_n.jpg Well, we had a less than typical Christmas weekend as the blizzard blew its way across the South Dakota prairie, but the wind has died down and the snow has subsided and it's back to normal at NOLZ Limousin. Over the holiday, we received 20.2 inches of snow, so we definitely had a lot to tackle keeping the calves fed and bedded and waterers thawed. This week, we are going to be busy as we continue to push snow. In addition, we are taking four head to the Corn Palace Winter Calf Show on Tuesday. So, grab your ranch essentials: gloves, coveralls, long johns and face masks; winter is here at my operation! What's going on at yours?

As we count down the days until 2010, I'm going to be featuring some of the top viewed blog spots on BEEF Daily over the past year. Just like the American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks, check out which entries make the ninth and tenth spots on the list.

(#9) Oct. 13, 2009: Hot Topic: Last Night's Larry King Live, "Beef - Safe or Scary?"

Last night, Larry King Live aired a segment titled, “Beef - Safe or Scary?” This segment opened up with testimonies from consumers who had contracted E. coli O157:H7 and have become paralyzed. NCBA and the American Meat Institute worked hard with CNN producers to ensure a fair hour-long segment on this subject. In addition to the scary, but rare, stories presented in the opening minutes of the program, alternative, scientific opinions were shared.

(#10) Sept. 14, 2009: Who Cares About Cowboys Anymore?

I need every cowboy reader to stand up and be heard on this one! One of my favorite cowboy correspondents in Washington D.C. recently sent me this article, “Who Cares About Cowboys Anymore?” written by Ron Dreher. It talks about how the image of the American cowboy has deteriorated in the eyes of the general public. It said that hardly anyone even KNOWS a farmer or rancher anymore. It’s so sad how incredibly disconnected the American consumer is from their food source.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: With the Homestead Act of 1862, more settlers came west to set up farms. This created some conflict, as increasing numbers of farmers needed to fence off fields to prevent cattle and sheep from eating their crops. Barbed wire, invented in 1874, gradually made inroads in fencing off privately owned land, especially for homesteads. There was some reduction of land on the Great Plains open to grazing. (Source: Open Range History, Wikipedia)