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Rancher Pens Effective Letter-To-The-Editor

hills.jpg If you've been a reader of the BEEF Daily blog since it first started in 2008, then you know I've always been a big proponent of agricultural advocacy. To me, an effective advocate initiates conversations with consumers in the grocery store or at church, responds to articles on agriculture in the media and finds ways to incorporate positive messages about the people and places in today's food production chain on a daily basis.

One great example of a positive ambassador for our industry is Anne Burkholder, a Nebraska cattle rancher and a graduate of the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program. I wanted to share this Jan. 18, 2011 opinion piece Burkholder wrote in response to an article featured in Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) about humane animal treatment -- an article that was penned by the CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle. Burkholder makes it look easy. See her simple, effective, positive response, and follow her example. Great job, Anne!

"Most days, I am outside before the sun rises, and when the sun sets. I work on Sundays, and even on Christmas. I love animals, and I believe that growing a high-quality and healthy protein source to feed to all Nebraskans is an admirable vocation. Who am I?

"I am a Nebraskan, a wife, a mother and a cattle farmer. I care for cattle that are raised humanely and in accordance with Beef Quality Assurance practices.

Despite what he states in a recent letter, Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States ("Treat animals humanely," Jan. 12) does not work to improve animal welfare.

"The HSUS is not your local humane shelter. The HSUS is the largest animal rights organization in the United States and works to take away the rights of Nebraskans to raise animals for food or to hunt. This is why leaders in animal agriculture and Gov. Dave Heineman refrained from entering into a discussion with Mr. Pacelle."

- Anne Burkholder

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