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Ranchers Are Every Day Conservationists

20335_2_13_2011_1_43_05_pm_-_earth-day.jpg Earth Day is this Friday, and it’s a day of the year intended to inspire people to think about the health of our planet. Many will be more conscious about how far they drive in their car, or how much trash they generate throughout the week. Finally, the old adage, “reuse, reduce, recycle” is at center stage. These conservation efforts are all great, and any new efforts we make should be commended. But, I bet most consumers would be surprised to know how farmers and ranchers focus on environmental stewardship every day, not just on Earth Day.

At BEEF Magazine, we are proud to celebrate the great work today's food producers do on a daily basis to be sustainable conservationists and environmental stewards. In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to this topic: BEEF Magazine And Earth Day 2011.

So this Earth Day, why not toot your industry’s horn a bit. Compose a message — it doesn't have to be long — and spread it widely on April 22 to your entire email list or social media friends. Just include a few points about the industry; for instance, its importance to the economy, this industry's values of hard work and family, our stewardship of water, the land and air, and/or the great nutrition and healthfulness of the product we produce – beef. Then send it electronically to everyone you know. You can use the resources available on the BEEF Earth Day page.

cowboyearth1.jpg Here is an excerpt from our page: "On April 22, we will celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, a deserving holiday that recharges and encourages us to focus on sustainable living. As ranchers, Earth Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate the daily tasks we do to protect our 'workplace,' but it’s also our chance to showcase how 'green' we truly are.

"Our industry has an impressive story to convey. Today’s beef require less land, water and energy than ever before to produce. Furthermore, just one American farmer produces enough food for 155 people, compared to feeding just 26 people a few decades ago. Specifically looking at the U.S. beef industry, we fulfill 20% of the world’s beef demand, with just 7% of the cattle."

Get out there and tell your story far and wide. Tell us about how you take care of the planet on your family farm, and how you plan to get the word out?