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Rancher's Daughter Launches New Career in Cattle Industry

work-help.jpgIt’s no secret that with escalating input costs in the beef cattle business, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the next generation to stay involved in production agriculture. More often than not, farm and ranch kids are leaving home in pursuit of higher paying jobs in large cities, and who could blame them? Agriculture is a tough career choice, one that requires round-the-clock attention and long days of hard labor. However, a growing number of young people, including myself, are finding a way to be involved in production agriculture while pursuing exciting careers that help supplement their cattle businesses. So, is it possible to have your cake and eat it, too? For my friend and peer in the business, Lacey Caffee, who grew up on her family’s cattle operation, having a career and staying involved in beef production is an option that she is successfully pursuing.

6610_1157867859421_1009485735_30473127_888924_n.jpgCaffee Ranch is a club calf operation that focuses on quality Maine and Mainetainer genetics. The Caffee family runs around 270 mama cows, and they offer an annual pasture tour with 70-80 calves for sale. Their calves have been sold and shown across the country, from New York to California. For Caffee, raising and showing her own cattle was something she has always been incredibly passionate about. However, she was also interested in capturing moments in agriculture with her camera, and that is one of the reasons why she established her own business doing just that, LC Promotions.

5894_678079107041_17010478_39502519_6432214_n.jpg LC Promotions is a graphic design, website builder and photography enterprise serving beef producers and their marketing needs. This business has quickly developed a reputation for eye catching advertisements, quality photographs and well-designed websites for those in the cattle business. One of Caffee's photographs was recently featured as the cover shot for the Livestock Exhibitor. For more information on Caffee Ranch and LC Promotions, check out their website. If you ever need help designing a ranch website or putting together a quality advertisement, give Lacey a call! And, cheers to all of the dynamic young people out there working to make their mark in this exciting industry!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Today I’m giving thanks for BEEF! Calorie for calorie, today’s lean beef is one of the most efficient ways to meet the daily value for 10 essential nutrients. Please join me in saying “thanks” to the farmers and ranchers who raise beef by passing along this message of thanks to your email contacts. Thank to America's food producers! You are greatly appreciated! (Source: Beef Checkoff Food Fight)