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Reach Out: Mary Kay Wrongly Sponsors HSUS Gala

 As reported by HumaneWatch in an entry titled, "This One's For All The Ladies Out There," Mary Kay Cosmetics is a corporate sponsor for an upcoming gala in Dallas, TX. My friend Anna Aja, an Arizona cattle producers and a former national beef ambassador, tipped me off to this event as she is also a Mary Kay consultant. Aja was deeply upset by the company's new tie to HSUS, a slick organization with a main mission to eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the American diet while simultaneously pushing farmers and ranchers out of business. Rightly so, she has rich ties to the agriculture industry, and she is urging others to join in her efforts to reach out to the cosmetic company and set the record straight. Like [yellow tail] wine, I do think this company can right itself, but only if we speak up and share our story with the brand.

 In an email blast yesterday, Anna wrote the following: As an agriculture community, we united and stood tall educating [yellow tail] wine about HSUS, and they vowed not to work with them again. I believe we can do the same here by letting Mary Kay know they are working with crooks. I wrote a message to them on my personal consultant website. However, you can drop them an easy line and just say that you will not use their cosmetics if they affiliate with HSUS, an organization that only gives 0.5% of their $100 million plus budget to hands-on shelters. We have to speak up in agriculture and not let them hoodwink all these people! I would go here to comment. Once there, select the subject of either 'customer satisfaction' or 'miscellaneous.' Thank you for your help! Just a quick line or two will help! Emphasize that you will no longer use their products if they continue to associate with HSUS. (Even if you don't wear MK please drop them a line; we need all the help we can get!) -Anna Aja

Thanks, Anna, for the heads up on this one. I appreciate your leadership, dedication and passion to the agriculture industry, and I'm proud and lucky to call you my friend! For more information about this young beef industry leader, check out her personal blog here, and once MK realizes their mistake, you can send your orders directly to Aja here.

Join Anna in her call to action to reach out to Mary Kay and share your thoughts on why its partnership with HSUS is going to result in a loss of customers from the agriculture community. I plan to write my letter today, will you?

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