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Reader Pens Poem About Ranch life; PLUS: 98 Fun Felfies

We welcomed March over the weekend with a very cold evening of -15°F. The weekend that followed sported the same negative temperatures, blustery winds and snow flurries. I’m hoping the old March saying, “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” really applies this year, as I am more than ready for spring to arrive.

In more exciting news for the month of March, there is still time to enter the BEEF “Why I Ranch” essay contest. Submit an essay of 300 words or less on why you love the land and the richness your ranching life offers, as well as why you choose to make your living in risky yet rewarding circumstances. The top two entries will be published in an upcoming issue of BEEF magazine, and our sponsor, Greeley Hat Works, is giving away a $300 gift certificate for a Greeley hat.

Readers can submit their essays and vote for their favorites here. 


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The contest will end on March 29. Be sure to check back often to vote, as well as submit your entry before the end of the month.

For inspiration, here is a poem that was submitted by TheBosLady from Kingsville, TX. TheBosLady writes, “Here is a poem I wrote that I feel highlights the life of a cattleman and everything that I love about ranching. I hope you enjoy it!”


Why I ranch? There ought to be a simple answer to give you.

I can’t pick just one reason, so I’ll tell you about a few.


There are many facets of this life I’ve chosen and adore,

Indeed, its dirty, hard work, but for me, it’s never a chore.


I admit its true, it takes a strange, unique kind of passion,

To choose to spend your spare time mixin’ up a new ration.


There’s nothing like the sunrise as I load up the truck with corn

Even the oldest of cows come runnin’ when they hear me honk my horn.


The one sight that always makes me smile and always makes me laugh,

Is the first couple wobbly steps of a newborn baby calf.


If I’m honest, its not always beautiful and fun,

No time for sittin’ around. There’s a job to be done!


I’ve pulled calves in the dead of winter when the snow is knee high,

And stretched fence by myself with a hot summer sun in the sky.


Its silly to think that I still cry when I have to put one down,

Even shed a tear last spring when I sent that ol’ red bull to town.


Yes, I invest in Mother Nature, my time and my labor,    

In hopes that she’s kind enough to, one day, return the favor.


I ranch because I love it, through all of the struggle and strife,    

Let me tell you, this isn’t just a business. This is my life.


Each and every day, I wake up and thank the Good Lord above,

He’s blessed me with the resources to keep doing what I love.


Truth is, I’m just waitin’ on the land of milk and honey,

‘Cause you dang sure know that I ain’t in it for the money!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the entries submitted so far, but there is plenty of time left to throw yours into the ring! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Finally, a few weeks ago, you may recall that I asked for felfies from our readers. We are so close to breaking the 100 mark, but here is an updated gallery including 98 fun farmer selfies (felfies). Take a minute to scroll through them and send me yours at [email protected] Thanks for sharing! 


See the UPDATED Gallery: 98 Fun Farmer Selfies (Felfies) here!


Why do you ranch? What do you love about the animal agricultural community? Share with us in the comments section below.


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