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Readers Share Mom Memories; PLUS, The Perfect Song For Mother’s Day

Readers Share Mom Memories; PLUS, The Perfect Song For Mother’s Day

After last month’s “Man’s Best Friend” photo contest received 180+ entries, we were excited to launch a second contest. We amped up the prizes ($100 in Beef Bucks for first place, and $50 for two runners-up), picked a fun theme fitting with Mother’s Day just around the corner (“Ranch Moms”), and opened up the contest for entries (send yours to me at [email protected]). However, the entries have been slow to trickle in, which is good news for you! Your chances of winning are that much better, and there is still time to enter the “Ranch Moms” photo contest, which closes at noon on Thursday, May 8.

View the gallery of “Ranch Mom” photos here.

For contest details, click here.

To give you some idea of our excellent entries so far, I have rounded up my three favorite stories that were submitted by readers. Note, you don’t have to include a big write-up with your photo, as you will be judged solely on the photograph, but it sure is a nice tribute to your mom, grandma, wife or special someone for all that they do. Here are three I think you might enjoy.

1. “A Tribute To Mom” by Larry Meadows

Meadows writes, “Here is a throwback picture of my mom teaching home economics. She raised 4 kids, took care of 200 laying hens, 100 fryers every year, 40 sows, 120 sheep, and 100 cows; had a huge garden and canned all our vegetables. She lost her youngest daughter (of 2) at the age of 6 in a freak farm accident. In an effort to ease the pain she threw herself into teaching home economics (her collegiate major) for a few years at the local country high school. She also served with the local USDA, FSA county board and volunteered at the nursing home a couple days each week after the other three children (including me) graduated from college. A real hard working woman who loved the Lord and worked side by side with Dad in the Eastern Texas Panhandle. After we left home she walked 2-4 miles every day through wind, rain, or snow to make sure she stayed in good shape. Born in 1921 and died in 2002 of brain cancer.”


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2. “Mary” by Nicole Kerstetter

Kerstetter explains, “My mother, Mary, is a very special person. She raised my sister and I on her own, while going back to school at Penn State to finish her Master's Degree and running our family farm. She has always been incredibly supportive of my sister and I, and attended every school function, 4-H meeting, and countless horse shows. From 2009 to 2011, she volunteered as an Agriculture Advisor with the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and went to Iraq. She worked with Iraqi widows and children, helping to rebuild the agriculture infrastructure. Her proudest accomplishment was bringing 4-H to Iraq, and helping bring together children from different religions and social classes. She was able to establish 42 4-H clubs during her time there. (I believe the current number of clubs is around 60 now.) Here is just one of the many articles written about her. I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished, she has truly made a change in the world.

3. “Joanne” by Rick Howard

Howard says, “My wife, Joanne, does 85% of the ranch work around here, as I have an off the farm job. I'm writing this as a tribute to my wife. She's the one who goes out to check on a first-calf heifer at 2:00 am and bundle up like an Eskimo and go out to feed in the sleet and snow. As of right now the feed truck driver door won't latch all the time and the truck has a manual transmission. (Picture this, when she turns right and going up a slight hill with the farm dog, which is a black lab, helping her drive.) In the summer, she has no trouble hooking up the disc mower or the rake and heading out to the hay fields. But she won't run the baler yet, but I'm working on that. After cows and calves are taken care of, she does find time for herself to do the book work, mow the yard, fix lunches and she also raised two wonderful kids. I can go on about my wife, but the gist of the story is she is a real ranching girl and not afraid of trying anything new or let anything stand in her way to get the job done. I love and appreciate my wife and praise the Lord for every day I'm with her. If more men had this attitude towards their wives, what a better world this would be! Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings for my wife.”

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought I would share this Taylor Swift video, “The Best Day,” which celebrates the bond a mom has with her child.

What makes your mom great? Share your stories in the comments section below. And don’t forget to enter your favorite photo to me before noon on Thursday to be eligible to win Beef Bucks! Thanks for participating!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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