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Red Meat Does NOT Cause Cancer, Study Concludes

4613_00steakedpitapizza_s_thumb.jpg These days, red-meat consumption is readily blamed for a whole host of maladies like increased waistlines, heart disease and cancer. While these health concerns are quite serious, pinpointing the problem on one food source is ridiculous and, quite frankly, false. I firmly believe a well-balanced, moderate diet can lead to a healthy lifestyle, and that means including all food groups, not cutting one out. Beef is a part of that healthy food plan and, finally, a study has come out debunking the red meat and cancer myth.

Check out an excerpt from the article about the study below.

Study Dismisses Red Meat, Prostate Cancer Link by Meat & Poultry

“According to a new meta-analysis of large-scale prospective studies on red and processed meats and cancer published in Nutrition Journal, there is no independent positive association between consumption of red or processed meats and the development of prostate cancer.

“Over the past decade, several major epidemiologic investigations of meat intake and prostate cancer have been published. So, researchers, led by Dominik Alexander of Exponent Health Sciences Practice, conducted a meta-analysis of prospective studies to estimate the summary associations between red meat and processed meat and total prostate cancer; evaluate associations among men with advanced disease; estimate dose response trends; evaluate potential sources of heterogeneity; and assess the potential for publication bias.

"26 studies were analyzed by the researchers – 15 on red meat and 11 studies investigating processed meats and cancer risk – and they concluded consumption of red or processed meats overall have no association with prostate cancer."

Of course, it's important to add that one study can’t prove a negative, but current research gives no indication that beef causes cancer. With that being said, go ahead and eat beef with confidence! Also, be sure to spread the positive word about beef with your friends and neighbors. Beef, it's what's for dinner!