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Regardless Of Its Form, Any Moisture Is Welcome

winter weather brings moisture

Heralding the latest rounds of snow, sleet, and rain may hit some raw nerves out there. That is, if you’ve been the victim of the extreme weather, like trying to calve out 1,500 synchronized heifers in the last blizzard. Still, the drought maps continue to show a real shrinking of the areas in extreme drought, and that is good news.

Conditions in the Central Plains have improved greatly the last six weeks. Certainly, some of the areas that haven’t seen relief remain critical, but now it appears that liquidation will be more moderate and more regionalized than previously thought. Those still mired in drought are a combination of jealous, anxious and hopeful, but everyone is celebrating some much-needed moisture. Even those who remain dry are taking solace in the fact that this weather pattern is a whole lot different than last year.

We may be a long way away from wet, but with corn prices falling and grass prospects improving, hope is once again mounting.


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