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A Round-Up Of 3 Articles Ranchers Should Read This Week

From reaching out to consumers, to sustainability in modern farming, to surviving this cold weather, here are three items ranchers should check out this week.

1. Consumers Should “Feel” Farming

I love this post from Stauffer Dairy Farm’s blog, “The Farmer’s Wife,” entitled, “I Want Consumers To Feel Farming.” The article talks about the need to show consumers what life is really like in food production. Here is an excerpt from the blog, which is written to consumers:

“I want consumers to know the truth about farmers. I want them to have respect for farmers. I want to help feed the world and feel like the world actually deserves it. There is no one way to farm. There is no way we can feed the world like it was done in the 1900s. There is a reason why there are less farms feeding this growing population. Truth is, I am just a burnt out farmer's wife and farmer. I love my farmer, my kids, my farm, and my girls. If you want to know the truth about farming, go to a farmer. You need to understand what farmers do and how they do it. Why? Because they do it for you.”


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2. Forbes Discusses Sustainability Of Modern Agriculture

Forbes magazine writer Mike Scott explores the agriculture industry in a piece that presents the pros and cons of modern food production. While criticizing things like fertilizer use in crop farming, he also praises the new opportunities in agriculture that people can be a part of. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

“As the world’s population heads toward 9 billion people, it is crucial that the global agriculture sector is able to meet the increased demand for food. But the world’s food production industry is on an unsustainable path – one that mirrors the unsustainable short-termism of the financial sector in recent years – and needs to change radically if it is to feed the world of the future as well as the world of today.

“Farming is becoming an increasingly high-tech business and there will be investment opportunities in sectors as far removed from agriculture as advanced coating technology and big data as well as molecular technology, microbiology and bio-based chemistry.”

3. Cattle Ranchers Prepare For Cold Snap

I don’t know about you, but spring is sounding pretty good right about now. This week’s cold snap has dropped temperatures in some areas to -54°F, making our low of -14°F feel downright balmy.

A recent article appearing on features a farmer and his challenge to keep his cattle safe from the extremely cold temperatures. Here is an excerpt:

“To ensure that the cows make it through the cold snap, ranchers must go through a checklist-- adding extra bedding to keep temperatures warmer, additional feed to provide more energy for cows to brave the cold, and checking electric water heaters to prevent water from freezing.”

How are you handling this cold front? How cold has it been in your area?

Add to the discussion on these three topics by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for your participation.


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