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Runner Continues "Power of Protein" Crusade

Article-Runner Continues "Power of Protein" Crusade

36960_10150208198095162_541355161_13746697_1076921_n.jpg A few weeks ago, I shared the story of Dane Rauschenberg, extreme runner, athlete, motivational speaker and beef fanatic. Dane recently joined Team ZIP, running in the Boilermaker in Utica, NY, and sharing how he fuels up for big runs with the power of protein found in lean beef. I doubt we could find a better spokesperson, outside of farmers and ranchers themselves, of course. I'm proud to say that Rauschenberg, who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks, is speaking and writing about his love of beef; this time, his testimonies are featured in Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine. Check it out!

Here is an excerpt from the article entitled, Fueling Up On Protein:

Yes indeed, carbs are part of my diet, but more importantly, I am a big consumer of protein, specifically in the form of beef. The instant recoil I saw in some of these super-fit people made me realize how much of a bad name beef has received. I also found it funny that those who were looking for information upon which to build their own argument for or against running multiple marathons were slightly take aback.

It really doesn’t matter what I do. It matters only what works for you. Sure, a diet of steak and protein fuels me (and with nearly 30 different cuts of beef that are designated by government standards as “lean," I know it is not just my own body chemistry that is telling me beef is good), but it might not work for you. You must delve into your culinary chest and find what fuels your body and works best for you. While you do that, chances are I am going to be grilling and enjoying a steak.

To read the entire article, "Fueling Up On Protein," link here.

Thanks, Dane, for your enthusiasm for the beef industry! I know all of the BEEF Daily readers, as well as myself, truly appreciate your strong testimony supporting beef as a part of a healthy diet. And, Dane? You're always welcome at my house for a good ribeye on the grill. Throw on your tennis shoes and run on over!

Are you a member of Team ZIP? If so, tell me about your running experiences; or, better yet, send me a photo of you in your jersey. Shoot me an email at [email protected] Speaking of photos, have you sent in yours for the Kids and Cattle Photo Contest? The deadline is Wednesday; don't miss your opportunity to participate and show off your cute kids!