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Sale Season is Here

cow-face.jpgIt seems that I watch the mailbox a little closer these days. As I write and work on homework, I anxiously wait for the mail to come. Now, most of the time, NOBODY wants the mail to come. The mailman usually delivers nothing but bills, bills, bills. So what am I getting all excited about? Well, these days the mailbox is chuck full of sale catalogs from area breeders highlighting their genetics and extending an invitation to attend their sale.

It's like looking through a Christmas toy catalog when you're a little kid; I like sale catalogs that much. You get to see what lines other breeders are using, if it's working in their breeding program and what you would like to invest in to add to your own operation. Despite the aching economy, I know a lot of breeders that are excited to attend bull sales in the upcoming months. While many are exiting the business, it's a signal for many to expand and invest in new seedstock to add to their herds.

So, today I want to know if you're planning on attending many sales this spring. Are you looking for bulls, bred females or replacement heifers? Even in the face of a challenging economy, are you still planning on investing in new livestock? Are you thinking about expanding? Let's talk, cattle talk. In the meantime, I'm going to flip through another sale catalog and make my wish list.