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Saying Goodbye To My Good Friend, Allie

Saying Goodbye To My Good Friend, Allie

We lost a good friend yesterday. Our family dog, Allie, a 13-year old Yellow Lab, died Tuesday. I guess she just needed to wait for us to get home from the state fair to say goodbye. I wasn’t sure if I should blog about this, but chances are that many of you have a canine friend or two on your ranch, and I have a feeling you can probably relate to how my family is feeling today.

Allie was my husband Tyler’s childhood pet when he grew up in Minnesota. She was his hunting buddy -- her specialties were ducks and pheasants. When Tyler went off to college at South Dakota State University, Allie got to make plenty of trips to Brookings to go hunting and experience new adventures.

I met her in 2008, and she quickly became my running buddy and an honorary member of Team Beef, in my mind anyway. She loved running around the section with me and enjoyed scouting out those four miles of ditches in search of rabbits and other critters.

She moved to our ranch in South Dakota when Tyler and I married in 2010, and although she wasn’t a working cattle dog, she always loved riding in the back of the pickup. She would hang her head out the side to catch a breeze and take in all the sights and smells, as well as keeping us company while we worked.

She was a polite dog, who rarely barked or caused trouble, unless you count the time she hauled a dead skunk onto our sidewalk on Christmas morning!

She particularly enjoyed the marshmallows we would toast when we hosted bonfires at our place, and whether I liked it or not, she was always up for a good bone to bury in the yard.

Allie might sound like an average dog, but to us she was one of a kind. It’s hard to say goodbye to our sweetheart, but I know she’s romping around in dog heaven, probably on the trail of a wily pheasant or two.

Allie, I know it was your time to go, but it just won’t be quite the same around here without your big goofy grin and soulful chocolate eyes. Goodbye, Al Pal. We’ll miss you, girl.

Do you have a ranch sidekick? What’s your dog’s name? Share with us your pets and their best stories in the comments section below. 


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