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Seriously Dude, It’s Beef!

Seriously Dude, It’s Beef!

With Beef Month just around the corner, it’s time to gear consumers fired up for summer grilling season, which kicks off in May! But, with concerns about beef safety and quality, in regard to the recent media frenzy pertaining to lean finely textured beef (LFTB), we certainly have our work cut out for us in order to regain consumer confidence in our product.

It’s amazing how a few sensational media reports can impact an entire industry! Nancy Montross, founder of Beef Bucks, from DeSmet, SD, believes producers have a big role to play in setting the record straight about LFTB and the safety, wholesomeness and quality of ground beef.

“Consumer fears could really impact our industry, especially hurting beef demand this summer. I toured the Beef Product Inc. facility, and I’m confident our ground beef is safe and healthy. Our job as producers is to get the word out and share the facts with our consumers. This isn’t just a packer or retailer issue; it impacts us on the cow-calf level, too. If our infrastructure suffers, it trickles down to prices at the production level, too. We must share the facts," says Montross.

Here are a few things consumers need to know about LFTB:

  1. It’s 100% beef and processed from beef trimmed from steaks and roasts.
  2. The process removes the fat from the meat, resulting in 94-97% lean beef.
  3. Ammonium hydroxide is found naturally in all proteins we eat  -- plant or animal -- and one of its roles is to prohibit bacteria from forming.
  4. Ammonium hydroxide is widely used in everyday cooking from baking powder, to cheese and even chocolate.

For additional facts, click here.

To help spread the word, Montross is selling “Dude, It’s Beef!” t-shirts available through Beef Bucks. The shirts come in cyber pink, safety green, athletic grey and safety orange. Youth and adult sizes are available and are priced from $9-$12, plus shipping and handling.

To order, contact Montross at [email protected]

By the way, I will be giving away one “Dude It’s Beef!” t-shirt to one lucky reader tomorrow. To enter, simply leave your thoughts on today’s blog answering this week’s poll question on Is “Dude, It’s Beef!” an effective slogan?

So far, the votes are split, with 49% saying "no, it’s condescending to consumers," while 44% say "yes, it’s curt and punchy." Another 7% aren’t sure. I hope you’ll take a minute to head to the homepage and vote. Then, let us know what you think. Does the slogan work, in your opinion?

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