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Sir Paul McCartney Publishes Meatless Mondays Cookbook

Article-Sir Paul McCartney Publishes Meatless Mondays Cookbook

The Meatless Monday campaign, which has rapidly spread into schools and communities across the nation, is aimed to reduce our environmental footprint and save animals by cutting out meat once/week. In support of the movement, former Beatle and activist Sir Paul McCartney has penned a Meatless Mondays cookbook in an effort to escalate the platform of this campaign and push forward a vegan agenda.

According to Hindustan Times, “Sir Paul Mccartney has joined forces with his two daughters to pen a new vegetarian cookbook. The Beatles legend, designer Stella and photographer Mary have put their favorite family recipes on paper as part of a Meatless Monday Movement initiative. The campaign encourages meat lovers to cut animals out of their diet once a week. The "Meat Free Monday Cookbook," which contains 52 menu ideas ranging from stews to salads, also features contributions from fellow health-conscious and environmentally friendly celebrities, including singer Pink, actors Kevin Spacey and Woody Harrelson, and British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.

“While many solutions can be quite difficult to put into practice, the idea of one meat-free day per week is something that many people find doable and something that can be achieved relatively easily,” says McCartney.

The campaign is a good thought, in theory; however, the notion of cutting meat to save the planet completely ignores some simple truths about animal agriculture.

For starters, according to Explore Beef, “Today’s cattlemen are significantly more environmentally sustainable than they were 30 years ago. A study by Washington State University in 2007 found that today’s farmers and ranchers raise 13% more beef from 13% fewer cattle. When compared with beef production in 1977, each pound of beef produced today produces 18% less carbon emissions, takes 30% less land and requires 14% less water.”

Simply stated, beef production is environmentally friendly. To save the planet, park the SUV; reuse, reduce, recycle; and go green with beef!

Furthermore, beef producers care about their livestock. Animal welfare is a top priority, with ranchers following protocols from pasture-to-plate to ensure cattle receive optimal care throughout their lives.

There’s no doubt about it; ranchers care.

Finally, the idea of a vegan or vegetarian society to save the planet simply doesn’t pencil out. Beef byproducts are used throughout our daily lives. Products derived from cattle – including insulin, deodorants, antifreeze, leather products; and various consumer, pharmaceutical and household items – would need to be replaced with synthetic items, resulting in more factory smog, increased transportation and escalated production costs for simple items.

We use 99% of the beef cow -- everything except the moo!

Let’s celebrate Meat-In Mondays with fantastic beef recipes and positive messages about beef. Our consumers can enjoy America’s favorite protein, guilt-free, knowing that beef is an ethical, environmentally friendly, safe, nutritious food to serve to their families.

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