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Spin The Wheel For Beef

“Spin the wheel!”

Wheel Of Fortune is an iconic television game show with a viewing audience of more than 26 million people daily. When Bob and Nancy Montross, ranchers from DeSmet, SD, and founders of South Dakota Beef Bucks, were offered the opportunity to feature their VISA cards on the nationally televised show, it was a chance of a lifetime to highlight beef in front of America.

Two, $1,000 Beef Bucks packages were awarded to contestants on the show during the week of Jan. 9-13. The winning recipients hailed from St. Joseph, MO, and Los Angeles, CA. 

"The publicity this promotion gave to the Beef Bucks program was way beyond what we expected. All the publicity helped spur a tremendous increase in sales of Beef Bucks this holiday season. And everywhere we went the past month, someone recognized the Beef Bucks program and commented on the promotion and then would tell someone else. There is nothing like word-of-mouth for spreading the good news about beef. In visiting with grassroots beef producers, they expressed that they felt the Wheel Of Fortune promotion was a neat and exciting way to showcase our product," Nancy says.

In fact, producers were so excited about the promotion that parties sprang up across South Dakota for group watchings of Wheel Of Fortune. For example, Bravo’s Restaurant in Brookings hosted a launch event, complete with beef appetizers and big screens to watch the show. Later that week, the 1481 Grille in Arlington held a Wheel of Fortune night, where Beef Bucks were worth double the value when used during the airing of the show.

“Retailers, producers and consumers got in on the excitement - hosting parties and offering specials throughout the week the show aired. Beef samples were served, as were complementary wines, while prizes of coupons and Beef Bucks were awarded. A lot of people just had an all-around good time gathering together to view the programs with friends. We want to thank the area restaurants, beef groups and individuals who celebrated with us in this 'Wheel Watchers' project. We hope to again participate with the folks at Wheel of Fortune in the future and again put the word BEEF in front of millions of consumers,” Bob says.

Getting Beef Bucks on the show is certainly a feather in the cap of this organization, but it didn't happen overnight. Bob says it took the organization two years to get accepted on the show as one of the prizes, but all the hard work and dedication was worth it to see the the Beef Bucks logo appearing on the program's famous game wheel. To date, the Beef Bucks program has moved more than $1 million worth of beef in more than 40 states via the program's redeemable checks and VISA debit cards.

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Beef Bucks is the perfect gift for any occasion. I've personally used the VISA debit cards across the country to purchase beef in restaurants and grocery stores.

Soon, you will all have a chance to score $100 Beef Bucks VISA cards in the upcoming "Winter Wonderland On The Ranch" Photo Contest, which will launch Feb. 6! So start snapping photos and stay tuned for more information!

By the way, congratulations are in order to Mindy Kirkpatric, who is the recipient of our first giveaway on the new site! Kirkpatrick will receive a copy of Great Ranches Of The West with photography by Jim Keen.

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