Tailgate Up Or Down?

Tailgate Up Or Down?

Nothing says “country” quite like a pickup truck. The age-old debate about which make is better – Ford, Dodge or Chevy – continues among ranchers. But no matter where your loyalty lies, all pickups have one key thing in common -- the tailgate.

When I’m running parts, supplies or lunches out to the field, I usually leave the tailgate down. It’s quick and easy to throw things in the back, and since it’s only a quick trip, I don’t worry about things falling out. On the other hand, when I’m headed to town, the tailgate is always up.

My husband, on the other hand, absolutely will not drive the truck unless the tailgate is up. He worries about gravel getting thrown up and chipping the tailgate when he drives. Plus, he's usually hauling quite a few things in the back, so he worries about things slipping out.

When we were kids, my sisters and I would often enjoy rides in the field or pasture in the back of the truck, but the tailgate always had to be up, or Mom and Dad worried about us kids getting bucked out.

An article on Fox News asked the very important question, “Tailgate up or down?”

“It’s an age-old conundrum among pickup truck owners: tailgate up or down? We’re talking aerodynamics and fuel economy here, but without personal access to wind tunnels, the evidence most owners have to support their position is anecdotal, at best. Many split the difference between form and functionality, and replace the tailgate with an open net that lets the air through, but not their cargo.”

Obviously this isn’t a vitally important topic, but I thought it would be fun to talk it out. So, when Editor Joe Roybal sent me the link to this article, I knew it would make an interesting blog topic.

So, let me know in the comments section below, tailgate up or down? Also, I’m curious about what kind of pickup truck you use to run around the ranch.

We use four pickups on the ranch – 1974, 1979, 2003 and 2009 models – all of them Chevrolet. I guess that pretty much attests to my dad being a Chevy man. Meanwhile, my husband drives a 2003 Dodge truck, and I have my eye on a new Ford pickup. Yes, my family butts heads on their favorite brands, but that’s what makes life interesting, right?

So, from your old beaters to your church-going pickup, what do you use personally? Share in the comments section below.

By the way, check out this photo gallery of ugly pickups from Farm Industry News.


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