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Take Beef Off The Bad Food List

Take Beef Off The Bad Food List

It seems the tide is turning when it comes to consumer attitudes about health. Granted, the USDA’s new food guidelines restrict animal proteins and have drastically limited servings in school lunch programs, but on a bright note, nutritionists are starting to tout the positive benefits of meat in the diet.

Take for example, this article, “5 Bad Foods You Should Be Eating,” which was written by nutritionist Nicci Micco and appeared recently on the Eating Well Blog.

Micco’s list of five “bad” foods you should be eating includes: peanut butter, eggs, beef, chocolate and potatoes.

Wait, meat and potatoes are health foods? Eggs for breakfast are okay? And, I can have peanut butter and a chocolate dessert, and still stick to my diet? Did you just do a happy dance?

Micco writes about beef as a health food saying:

“The bad rep: Beef is full of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, so people who care about their hearts should avoid it.

“The good truth: Lean cuts of beef are a low-fat source of protein and iron, a mineral essential for getting oxygen from the lungs to cells throughout the body – and one many women (of childbearing age) are deficient in. There are many lean cuts of steaks: filet mignon, sirloin, strip steak, flank steak. If you can’t remember the names, pick steaks that are deep red with a relatively small amount of marbling – a fancy name for fat – to find lean cuts.”

Learn about the 29 lean cuts of beef at Beef It’s What’s For Dinner.

Be confident that you can keep your 2013 resolutions to be healthy and lose weight by eating beef. And, know that it can be powerful fuel for an active lifestyle -- be it feeding cattle and chopping ice this winter, or training for a half marathon. Calorie for calorie, beef gives the best nutritional bang for the buck compared to other protein sources like beans, tofu or peanut butter.

Were you surprised by anything on this list? How is beef a part of your healthy meal plan?

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