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Three Random Thoughts After The Bull Sale

Ahhhh, it’s breather time. With our sale successfully completed, I finally have some time to slow down from a furious run, take a breath, and process a few thoughts from the past week or so. Here are a few things that crossed my mind as I took the time to think about, and thank the Almighty for, this wonderful business we all engage in.

• Never doubt the resiliency or optimism of cattlemen. By nature, we look to the future with a realistic optimism. There is perhaps no better illustration than this year’s bull sales. Despite suffering from drought and being unsure about what 2013 will bring, they’re looking forward to the future with enthusiasm, even if it accompanied with a bit of trepidation.

• It’s absolutely great to keep young people around you. We have a bright young intern working for us this semester, and such folks have a way of making you feel young, or at least bring back memories of our younger times. Perhaps, more importantly, these young talented folks offer new ideas, and they have a tendency to look at the world in a little different way. Thus, they remind us that our paradigms may not be 100% right.

It’s very good for an operation to be able to get an outside opinion from someone who understands what you’re doing; a fresh perspective provides a lot of insight. I find the enthusiasm and positive attitude often inherent in young people enjoyable as well.

Interns also serve as good reminders of just how far we’ve come. Of course, we’re always looking for better ways to do things, as well as analyzing our mistakes, but it’s good to remember where you started.

• There is nothing better than having good neighbors. Good neighbors make a lot of things possible.


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• Spring is approaching. We had a couple of those mornings this week that just impart the feel of the end of winter and the coming of spring. The herd bulls know it as well. One herd sire in particular is like a rooster at announcing the arrival of spring. He starts to pace and bellow at the girls, ready and anxious to get to his work. The days are getting longer, and the cows are beginning to cycle.

• A good sale is not really a celebration; it’s more a sense of relief. After all, you know you get one more year to do what you love, and to work with the greatest people in the world – American cattlemen.


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