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Traveling, Radio Interviews and More From Lady Gaga

img_1935.JPG This Friday, I will be headed to Bloomington, MN, to speak at the Minnesota Farm Bureau’s Ag Communicators Meeting, as well as the American Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Conference. While there, I will be discussing the threat of animal rights activists and their current efforts to derail animal agriculture, and I will lead a workshop on how farmers and ranchers can fight back using positive promotional tactics via online social networking outlets. Finally, I will challenge the groups to join me in my efforts to increase demand for agriculture products, correct misconceptions in the media and protect the livestock industry for future generations.

In preparing for this week's big event, I had the opportunity to visit with Chad Smith, the farm director for KLGR radio in Redwood Falls, MN. The interview aired last week, and I'm told was even picked up by the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. You can listen to the short radio interview below.

If you plan on being at the meeting, let me know! I would love to visit and catch up with BEEF readers from across the country! Hope to see you there!

By the way, remember last week's blog post on Lady Gaga's meat dress? She recently told reporters, "Next time, I'll wear a tofu dress and the soybean police will come after me!" While I don't think she is the next spokesperson for our beef commercials, I predicted her fashion statement would do more than inspire new clothing lines. Because of her popularity, I thought we might see a surge in beef demand. I guess some retailers have thought the same thing. Check out this photo from a New York meat shop that is using Lady Gaga to push sales for the flank steak!