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True Or False: Animal Fats Make You Fat

In the 1970s, fats were demonized as a new health mantra emerged. The health advice was that a low-fat diet was necessary to maintain your waistline and your health. This dietary change was a shift from traditional cooking with whole foods, where animal fats and proteins were king. Instead, low-fat packaged items started lining the shelves and, as a result, America’s obesity problem emerged.

I love reading research and articles that take us back to the basics. The things grandma taught us in the kitchen are still applicable today. Sure, we may not have time to bake loaves of bread from scratch or can vegetables and make jams to store for winter, but with a few basic ingredients we once again can make healthy, wholesome dinners that are actually nourishing to our bodies.


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I recently came across an article on Weed ’Em & Reap, a popular blog about food, farm life and gardening. The blog post was entitled, “How Long Did Our Ancestors Live While Eating Bacon, Lard & Whole Milk?” Here is an excerpt from the blog post:

“My great-grandma was a tough old chick. She ate real, traditional food & could cook up fried chicken from scratch. When I say ‘from scratch’ I literally mean ‘from scratch.’ As in, she would kill a chicken, dress it, coat it with flour, and fry that baby up in a big ol‘ frying pan of lard.

“Our ancestors didn’t worry about heart disease, cancer or diabetes. They didn’t fear Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. These diseases were so incredibly rare before the 1900s, that they didn’t need scientists to solve any mystery. There was no mystery! Our ancestors simply ate food – real food, and were nourished. The leading cause of death before 1900 was one of four things: infancy death, death from childbirth, death from infections, & death from accidents. Today, the leading causes of death are heart disease and cancer.

“Following a traditional diet will give us optimal health. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, grains, milk, butter, cream, meat, seafood, eggs – all in the best form possible and if you can digest them – is the key to weight loss and disease reversal. It’s time to wise up and discover the healthy, delicious food of our ancestors. It’s time to get back the skills of our great-grandmothers and become nourished.”

As Christmas draws near, I’m going to feel good about eating the prime rib my mother-in-law prepares for the Christmas banquet, and the eggs and bacon we eat on Christmas morning. I’m going to feel confident that these rich foods that have been demonized for years will nourish my body.

Do you think animal fats and proteins are making a comeback? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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