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Twitter Thanks Farmers

diego-face.jpg With Thanksgiving just a day away, it's time we start thinking about the many things we are thankful for. In addition, it's important to thank those that do so much for us each and every day, America's farmers and ranchers. I thought I would pass this challenge along to those of you that may be involved in the social networking tool, Twitter. This was sent to me via email yesterday, and I hope we can get a lot of people involved in the conversation online to show the world just how great farmers and ranchers really are. Check it out below.

As you may be aware, NCBA, the beef checkoff and a number of other agriculture commodity groups and companies have been engaged in a campaign devoted to recognizing the American farmer and giving a call to action to consumers to remember and thank farmers. In the midst of all of this, a group of agriculture advocates that are active on Twitter started the #thankafarmer hashtag as a way to thank farmers for all the hard work they do to provide for our country. If you are active on Twitter, please take part in tweeting the hashtag #thankafarmer on Wednesday, November 25 between 10 am -12 pm CST. To participate in the effort, simply post a status update with #thankafarmer in the message tomorrow morning between 10 am and 12 pm CST.

For those of you who aren't actively involved on Twitter, there are plenty of other ways to thank farmers. Here's a few ideas to consider: You could add a message to your signature in your daily emails. Simple messages could be, "Thank a farmer today," or "Farmers Care; For That I'm Thankful." You could also write a thank-you letter to your local newspaper thanking all of the area farmers. However you say thanks, make it your own and make it today. Thanks, America's farmers and ranchers. I appreciate all that you do!

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: In recognition of the 22 million Americans who work on farms or in farm-related jobs, a number of government officials and ag secretaries have issued a proclamation declaring Nov. 20, 2009, “Thank your Farmers and Ranchers” day in their respective states. (Source: My Beef Checkoff News)