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Two New Babies Welcomed By BEEF Staffers In 2014

new babies for BEEF staffers

There’s a lot of talk in agriculture about El Niño these days, but the recent focus on BEEF staff has been on “Los Niños.” That reference isn’t to the Pacific Ocean event that affects temperature and precipitation levels, but rather babies.

Two members of the BEEF team — Jamie Purfeerst and Amanda Radke — celebrated the arrivals of their first babies earlier this year. BEEF Senior Associate Editor Jamie and her husband, Mark, were blessed with a baby boy, Leo James, in February. Meanwhile, BEEF Daily Editor Amanda and her husband, Tyler, welcomed a little girl, Scarlett Davy, in June. All the new parents and arrivals are reportedly doing great.

From the new mothers’ reports, both Leo and Scarlett appear to have the cattle business in their blood and in their futures.

Jamie Purfeerst and son LeoJamie says, “In the afternoons, we like to take a walk across the road to check on the cows in the pasture; even at just 5 months of age, he seems to enjoy it. And hopefully, in the future, Leo will enjoy showing cattle and the livestock business as much as we do. He already helps his dad do cow chores when it’s nice out — though he usually sleeps right through them!” Jamie says.

Incidentally, Jamie reports that Leo was born on the same day that an Angus cow, a wedding gift from her husband, calved. “So we decided it was fate. Leo officially has started his cowherd!” she says.

Amanda Radke and daughter ScarlettMeanwhile, Amanda says she’s excited by the prospect of getting Scarlett involved as the fourth generation active in the family’s Limousin business. “For now, that means riding along in the car seat while we fill creep feeders and check pastures,” she says. “But it won’t be long until she is opening gates, showing calves and getting her hands dirty on the ranch. We hope she loves the cattle business as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see ranch life through the eyes of a child.” 


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