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University Launches Beef Leadership Program

winterholler.jpg I have been fortunate to be a part of the brand new program at South Dakota State University, the Beef Leadership Program. This two-year program consists of nine monthly speakers in the first year. Students sign up to listen to these speakers, and if they attend all nine lectures, they can advance into the second year, where they have the opportunity to tackle a beef promotional or educational project. Students involved in this program will also attend state, regional and national beef events and conventions, and they will become a part of a strong group of individuals who are equipped to stand up and speak out on behalf of America's beef producers.

I was honored to be asked to be the opening keynote speaker in this leadership program back in September, and the students have already enjoyed a great lineup of various beef industry professionals. I attended the most recent event, where Bernard Rollin, Ph.D., from Colorado State University, talked about animal ethics to students and producers. If you missed my interview with Rollin last week, you can check it out here. While at the event, I had the opportunity to interview one of the professors in charge of the Beef Leadership Program, Sara Winterholler, Ph.D., as well as a student taking part in this outstanding program, Stephanie Steffes. You can listen to my interview with these two below. Cheers to the Beef Leadership Program, a chance for young people to be educated and informed about the hot issues facing the industry today.

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Cattle are ruminant animals. They have a stomach with four compartments, which allows them to eat feeds like grass and hay that humans cannot eat. (Source: The Cattle Pages)