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Using YouTube To Market Your Cattle

In previous speaking engagements, I have put on social networking training workshops for producers hoping to interact with consumers and share our agriculture story. By doing this, we hope to bolster beef demand, correct misinformation and educate the general population about where their food comes from. Another benefit of using social media is marketing your personal brand, your family's cattle operation and your business.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn or YouTube, the opportunities are endless to use social media to market their sale cattle and business. I visited with some cattle producers over the weekend who are implementing YouTube videos into their marketing plan to advertise their sale cattle and offer real-life views to customers who may purchase cattle over the phone.

Do you currently use any of these social media tools in your marketing plan? As a customer, do you enjoy the supplemental information that comes from newsletters, blogs, websites and videos? To remain viable in this business, I believe we all have to be adaptable to new technology, and marketing via social networks seems to be the next step. If you are already engaged online, leave your information in the comments section below so folks can check out what you're doing with these tools. Thanks for your participation!

I realize this may further support the plague of the "Disney-effect" I wrote about last week, but here is a YouTube video from a foreign truck dealer you may enjoy. I hope it provides a chuckle or two for your Monday morning. Enjoy!