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VIDEO: Are Santa’s reindeer healthy for Christmas flight?

VIDEO: Are Santa’s reindeer healthy for Christmas flight?

On this Christmas Eve, many ranching families are preparing to celebrate the holiday with a prime rib dinner, open presents around the tree, and gather together at church. However, even with the hustle and bustle of Christmas celebrations, cattlemen never forget the needs of their livestock.

Ensuring cattle have adequate bedding and shelter to protect from winter weather’s harsh bite, providing feed, making sure waterers don’t ice over, treating sick animals and calling a veterinarian if needed, and double checking that gates are closed and the herd is tucked in safe and sound are all jobs of a cattle rancher.

Photo Credit: AVMA

Just like ranchers, Santa has to make sure his reindeer are ready for the Christmas flight. Recently, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) President Joe Kinnarney, DVM, examined Santa’s reindeer to ensure they are at optimal health before traveling around the world. At the completion of the check-up, he filled out a North Pole Certificate of Animal Export form for each reindeer.

Of course, this is just for fun, but the AVMA put together a video of this reindeer check-up, and it highlights the role veterinarians play in keeping the health of animals — from cats and dogs, to horses and cattle, to Santa’s reindeer—in tip-top shape.

Watch the video below and share this blog post on social media this Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas from my ranch to yours! How will you be celebrating this special holiday? Share your traditions in the comments section below.

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