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Wall Street Journal Highlights Masters of Beef Advocacy Graduates

Article-Wall Street Journal Highlights Masters of Beef Advocacy Graduates

mba.png As a proud Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) graduate, I was thrilled to see a well-written piece featuring fellow MBA alumni members in the Wall Street Journal. Written by Stephanie Simon, the article is entitled Beef Industry Carves A Course, and it shows ranchers' dedication to sharing the real facts about beef -- that it's a healthy, sustainable and ethically sound choice for families to enjoy.

An excerpt from the article reads, "Beef has its own celebrity backers—actor Matthew McConaughey has done radio spots—but industry strategists decided that the best way to promote the product was to put the men and women who produce beef front and center.

"Their goal: convince skeptical consumers that the shrink-wrapped sirloin tips in the supermarket aren't artery-clogging commodities mass-produced on factory farms, but wholesome meals turned out with great care by hard-working families. To that end, MBA students are encouraged to strike up conversations with strangers.

"Ranchers are urged to talk about the hours they spend caring for cattle—all those trips to the pasture at 3 a.m. to help a laboring cow give birth. Retailers could mention nutritional facts—that a 3-oz. serving of eye-round roast has just slightly more fat than a skinless chicken breast, for example."

If you haven't become a member of the MBA Program, I highly recommend it. It's a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry. MBA graduates are required to complete six courses in beef advocacy, including: modern beef production, animal care, beef safety, beef nutrition, environmental stewardship and the beef checkoff.

As a former National Beef Ambassador, I thought I was already well-versed in defending our industry, no matter what the consumer question might be. However, taking these courses helped me polish up my communication efforts by offering me quick and easy sound bytes to share with consumers and the media. Have you ever been asked a tough question about beef production and the information gets muddled in your attempt to say what’s right? Well, the MBA Program helps organize those facts and figures and provides tools to making those conversations just a little bit easier. The online course is easy to maneuver through and the results are well worth it. Join the over 2,000 MBA graduates and sign up for the course today!