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Washington Post Offers Advice on Affordable Grilling

grill_09.jpg It's always refreshing to see positive beef industry coverage in the media. The Washington Post recently published an article boasting the most affordable beef cuts for grilling, with expert advice on best preparation methods. With a circulation of over 750,000, the Washington Post reaches a large audience on a daily basis. The article, printed in the food section, highlights three groups of steaks as affordable cuts: hanger and flatiron steaks; flank, flap, tri-tip and skirt steaks; and chuck eye, chuck shoulder and top sirloin steaks.

The article notes, "One thing they all have in common is their tough texture. They come from well-exercised muscles of the animal, which tend to be the most flavorful. There are other cheap cuts to consider, but they suffer from a lack of beefy flavor or from lots of gristle and bones. Attentive prep work, intense marinades and closely watched grill time can do wonders for the bargain cuts we're focusing on here."

Preparation, marinades and grilling methods are detailed, and I think this is an excellent article that puts beef in a positive light. While it sometimes seems like the animal rights activists are ruling the media, I'm positive there are plenty of journalists out there that still believe beef is king!

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