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Welcome to the new BEEF Daily blog!

Welcome to BEEF Daily, our brand new offering of today’s beef industry updates! I’m your host on the BEEF Daily Blog, providing you with my personal stories in life as a South Dakota cattle producer and college student along with my thoughts on the day’s top industry issues.

This summer I worked as an intern in Minneapolis for BEEF Magazine. The summer was both fun-filled and educational, and it truly renewed my spirits for sharing the beef production story. When Editor Joe Roybal asked me to continue working for BEEF as a web editor during my final year at South Dakota State University, I knew this was my opportunity to keep my boots on the ground as a cow-calf producer and chronicle my experiences from my laptop.

As the oldest daughter of three, my dad always chose me to open gates for him during chore time. I would ride the bus home from school and meet Dad outside to help feed bulls and cut twine string off the bales. As a little girl with a wild imagination, I often told stories to the curious calves on the fence while I waited for Dad to bring the hay with the tractor. I guess that’s where my passion for story telling began, and it has turned into a career of telling the beef production story. Be sure to stop back everyday during your coffee break for more stories, news updates and lots of discussion. And stay tuned: the BEEF Daily e-newsletter will soon be available. Have a great weekend everyone!