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What College Kids Are Reading

Sometimes I come across articles about the agricultural industry that I instantly scoff at, and I wonder how anyone in the world would believe them as true. You know what I'm talking about...the articles blaming cows for pollution and meat eating as a main cause for cancer. It's really disappointing to read these articles and know that we are losing beef customers as a result of it.

I read an article in the Virginia Tech Collegiate Times online edition that examined the health effects of eating animal products as described in "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins. According to the article, “Red meat causes 40 out of every 100 deaths from cancer. An 11,000-person, 12-year study published in the British Medical Journal concludes that there is a ‘roughly 40-percent reduction in mortality from cancer in vegetarians and fish eaters compared with (non-fish) meat eaters.''

You can read the entire story here, Column: Veganism not required for living a long, happy life. Although the article doesn't require a life of veganism for a healthy life, it certainly frowns upon consuming milk and meat products.

Did you know that 1 in every 3 college students experiments with vegetarianism? These college students are our next soccer moms and/or health professionals. They will discourage their patients and their children from consuming meat and dairy products. Does this concern you as a beef producer? Does it sadden you as a beef eater? It's all in balance, and putting my biases aside, I truly believe that people can enjoy a long, healthy life while consuming animal products. I just wish more people believed that too...