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What Makes HSUS President Authority on Animal Care?

Yesterday, I had a lengthy conversation with a person in the packing industry who was absolutely disgusted with the Humane Society of the United States granting forgiveness to Michael Vick, an NFL player who was convicted of dog fighting, abuse, mutilation and culling for dogs that weren't aggressive enough in the fighting arena. The conversation lead to said friend's chosen career. He said, "Amanda, I work in a packing plant, I hunt animals and I eat meat, but I respect animals. Vick's crime is a disgusting form of humanity, and he has absolutely no respect for animals. And, what gives HSUS the authority to "forgive" him anyway? Why is the world waiting on Wayne Pacelle's hand of grace?" This conversation really fueled my fire, and I realized that the general public probably does listen to Pacelle's smoothly versed speeches on forgiveness and second chances. But, has anyone heard what Pacelle has done with Vick's dogs?

Let's talk about Wayne Pacelle's personal crimes against animals, shall we? The Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that Vick's dogs aren't even up for adoption. According to Wilkes County Chief Deputy Chris Shew some of the 127 pit bulls were in the kennel’s fenced enclosure and others were chained to stakes near dog houses in nearby woods. About half of the dogs were puppies. Two representatives from HSUS were in the court room when the fates of these dogs, mostly puppies, were decided. There were even puppies that were born after the raid. They killed those puppies, too. Puppies aren't born aggressive; it is a learned behavior. Dogs are naturally caring, friendly creatures. So, why has Pacelle sentenced these puppies to death?

Anyone that reads this blog knows that I have a passion to stop HSUS in its tracks, and I need all of you on my side to get this accomplished. HSUS is the most influential animal rights group in the country, and while they might be playing judge right now on a dog abuse case, you can bet they aren't taking a break on their number one priority: to abolish animal agriculture entirely in this country. I'm not going to sit silent and watch it happen as HSUS causes a global food shortage and the end to family farms in the United States. And, Wayne Pacelle? You may be a smooth talker and the leader of a huge lobbying firm, but you are no authority on how to treat animals with respect. What are your thoughts on the Michael Vick case? Should he be forgiven for his heinous acts? Does HSUS have the right to murder innocent puppies? The microphone is all yours...

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: One of Pacelle’s first acts as HSUS’s new chief executive was to send a memo to all HSUS staffers articulating his vision for the future. HSUS’s new “campaigns section,” Pacelle wrote, “will focus on farm animals.” (Source: Activist Cash)