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What’s On Your Independence Day Menu?

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What’s On Your Independence Day Menu?

Did you know July is National Hot Dog Month? The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) has announced a new slogan to kick off the celebration, “Hot Dogs: Relish The Moment,” selected from submissions in a nationwide contest. Gadi Lefkowitz of Baltimore, MD, submitted the winning slogan, winning $250 to be used at a grocery store to build a perfect summer picnic, hopefully including hot dogs!

“The creativity and enthusiasm of hot dog fans is nothing short of amazing,” says NHDSC President and ‘Queen of Wien’ Janet Riley. “Just as there are millions of ways to top a hot dog and everyone has their favorites, there were almost too many good slogans to choose from and the online voting was very tight.”
According to NHDSC, Americans will eat more than 150 million hot dogs over the Fourth of July week. That’s just part of the 7 billion hot dogs that Americans eat between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
“There’s no better month for hot dog fans than July,” says Riley. “Whether out at a ballgame, backyard barbecue or celebrating America’s birthday, hot dogs are the perfect all-American food.”

For more information about the hot dog contest and National Hot Dog Month, click here.

So, why are there typically 10 hot dogs/pack and eight buns/bag? What exactly is in a hot dog? And, how many hot dogs are sold through street carts in New York City? NHDSC answers some of the most frequently asked questions about hot dogs here.

We are keeping busy baling alfalfa and wheat, both round bales and square bales, but we are hoping to sneak away to my grandparent’s cabin at Lake Poinsett for the holiday, where we’ll be grilling up all-beef hot dogs and burgers, as well as jet-skiing and shooting fireworks. Then, we’ll head home to do chores and check calves and catch the fireworks show in our hometown. It’s our family’s tradition; what’s yours?

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