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What's It Like In Your Neck of the Woods?

thirsty.jpg Rain. Rain. Rain. It seems to be the theme for 2009. Some of you are begging for a drop of rain, and some of us are just wishing it would go away already. In South Dakota, we continue to fight the rain, trying to get the crops in and trying to work cattle in the mud. And, in my travels across the country and my email updates from readers, it's evident that many of you are experiencing the same weather troubles. From drought to floods, is there a happy medium? If there is, which state is experiencing it right now? Today, I want to shoot the breeze like friends in a coffee shop. So, what's it like in your neck of the woods? Inquiring minds want to know...

Whether you're experiencing a drought or are overwhelmed by wet conditions, BEEF is here for you, our readers. We have a ton of articles relating to weather for your reading pleasure, and I hope you'll check them out. In the meantime, if you can take a few minutes to fill all of us in about the weather conditions in your area and how harvest, weaning and preg-checking are going, that would definitely help me better serve you in future blog posts. Thanks for your readership and your comments. I really appreciate it.

By the way, have you voted in the latest BEEF poll yet? If you've got a second, head on over to our homepage and answer this question: "Would the Waxman-Markey bill, which proposes to cap carbon-dioxide emissions and allow trading of allowances (cap and trade), be good or bad for agriculture?"

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: “Seldom have forests been cut to pasture cattle, for a very good reason: cattle don’t generate more profit than trees.” —Dr. Dennis T. Avery, the Hudson Institute (Source: Beef Production Facts)