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When Winter Weather Strikes

I’ve got to admit to you all, I’m feeling pretty guilty these days…A blizzard hit over the weekend, and temperatures have plummeted to unbearably frigid lows. While my parents are out feeding cattle, keeping machinery running and electric waterers working, I’m laying in my bed, cozy and warm, studying for my final examinations. However, I know my little “vacation” up at school will soon come to an end, and I will be in the cold elements helping with the livestock.

I know many of you are facing the same challenges this week, and I’m praying for the well being of your livestock and your health during the upcoming icy cold winter months. Soon, calving will begin, and your worries will exponentially increase. No longer can the cows run on corn stalks, and your biggest fear is being unable to get hay out to the cattle in the deep snow.

Yes, winter certainly brings on a new set of challenges, and BEEF Magazine has several winter articles to guide you through it! Today’s newsletter is all about fighting the obstacles of adverse winter weather including: purchasing protein supplements and how the weather affects cattle and crops. And, I know that these are only skimming the surface of the many worries that keep you up at night during these cold, snowy months.

However, with readers from Canada to Mexico, I know that you all aren’t fighting blizzards, so I want to know—what will be your biggest challenges this winter? What is the weather like where you are this week? A curious blogger wants to know! Stay warm everyone!