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Who Cares About Cowboys Anymore?

I need every cowboy reader to stand up and be heard on this one! One of my favorite cowboy correspondents in Washington D.C. recently sent me this article, " Who Cares About Cowboys Anymore?" written by Ron Dreher. It talks about how the image of the American cowboy has deteriorated in the eyes of the general public. It said that hardly anyone even KNOWS a farmer or rancher anymore. It's so sad how incredibly disconnected the American consumer is from their food source. This revelation leads me to believe that we all need to head over to this article and introduce ourselves as American cowboys. It's time the American public remembers who we are. Let's respond to this in a big way! I've left my comments; now it's your turn!

Here is an excerpt from the article, "Who Cares About Cowboys Anymore?" Simply leave your thoughts in the comment section in three easy steps. First introduce yourself, then share a fact about animal agriculture and finally share your personal story. I can't wait to read all of your comments as we introduce ourselves to our customers!

I listened to a segment of "This American Life" on podcast recently, and heard the correspondent say that Europeans are obsessed with the American cowboy icon, even though nobody he knows in the US gives a rip about cowboys anymore.

My first thought: How dare he say that?

My second thought: Um, he's right.

I can't think of anybody I know who cares about cowboys, or the cowboy myth -- and I live in Texas! To be sure, I must know somebody, but the point is, people in general don't talk about cowboys, or the cowboy ethos, anymore. We're bored by cowboys, and the Old West. Why do you think that is?

BEEF Daily Quick Fact: Cowboying is no regular profession, like bricklaying or accounting. The cowboy is an integral part of the American myth, a symbol of self-reliance and rugged individualism, a descendant of Sir Walter Scott's knights of old.