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Would You Eat Lab-Grown Beef?

Article-Would You Eat Lab-Grown Beef?

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Beef?

Test-tube burgers are hitting the news again, and if the idea of eating synthetic beef makes your skin crawl, keep reading.

According to Fox News, “A researcher from the Netherlands says he expects to grow the first-ever hamburger in a lab by this fall. The beef will made from bovine stem cells grown in a petri dish. Mark Post, the study leader, says the ultimate goal is to mass-produce the lab meat in order to cut back on cattle farming.”

What’s wrong with cattle ranching? Not only does it provide nutritious, safe, natural animal proteins for human consumption, but it also provides countless valuable by-products that enrich our everyday lives. And, I echo the sentiments of Fox News columnist and physician, Manny Alvarez, “There is nothing natural about growing meat in the laboratory for human consumption.”

Whether you agree or disagree, my personal belief is that foods closest to the farm or ranch provide the best nutrition. I believe in feeding the world wholesome, healthy foods, and test-tube beef isn’t the answer. In fact, it may just be another activist tactic to phase out cattle ranching.

On the morning news yesterday, the local anchorman described the test-tube beef as long, white, stringy tissues. The next step for the scientist is to create test-tube fat and mold the two components together. Yum...

Here is a link to an earlier story in BEEF on test-tube meat.

What do you think? Would you eat a test-tube burger?

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