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Yahoo, MSN focus on reducing meat intake

I regularly subscribe to many news outlets for my daily dose of articles. In addition to keeping up on agricultural, local and national news, I also like to read the daily articles found at online news sources like Yahoo and MSN. This keeps my mind fresh and my ears open to the growing trends and opinions of our nation's consumers and journalists. Yesterday, I was really disappointed to see both MSN and Yahoo feature articles about reducing meat consumption to help the environment, save money and improve health. They both talk about a recent study that links red meat with early mortality. I hate for these articles about dodgy studies to become the mainstream thoughts of America. Is it fair to blame all health problems on one food source alone? I'm sick and tired of taking the fall for the dietary and environmental issues facing the world, and I want to hear your thoughts on this topic. Take a look at the following articles, and let me know what you think!

Study: Lots of red meat increases mortality risk

By: Carla K. Johnson for Yahoo

People who eat more red or processed meat have a higher risk of death from all causes including cancer, while a higher consumption of white meat reduces such risks, a decade-long US study released Monday found.

Too Much Red Meat May Shorten Life Span

By: Amanda Gardner for MSN

Diets high in red meat and in processed meat shorten life span not just from cancer and heart disease but from Alzheimer's, stomach ulcers and an array of other conditions as well, a U.S. National Cancer Institute study has found.

Oh, and I thought I would include one last link for a little laugh this Wednesday. PETA's founder Ingrid Newkirk has released her will to the public, and she wants to barbecue her body for a statement. Interesting? Disturbing? Laughable? You decide. Check it out, PETA founder makes bizarre online will for animal rights.