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Yellow Tail Shows Support of Farmers and Ranchers

Article-Yellow Tail Shows Support of Farmers and Ranchers

4467_89938538005_89932033005_1903890_4827063_n.jpg The good folks at the Animal Agriculture Alliance are commending Yellow Tail Wine for their effort to repair the relationship between themselves and the farmers and ranchers who were offended by their recent donation to the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) It turns out that the wine company, a family-owned business out of Australia, has realized their mistake and won't be donating any additional dollars to HSUS in the future. Thanks to a grassroots effort made by farmers and ranchers through social media outlets, the real intent of HSUS, to eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from the American diet, has been exposed. Thanks to all of you for participating in that campaign to spread the word, and I'm sure this wine company won't make the same mistake twice.

After receiving word of a boycott of their products after donating $100,000 to HSUS, Yellow Tail wines listened to the voices of thousands of farmers and ranchers and have responded with a letter to the Animal Agriculture Alliance. Read the excerpt below:

The spirit and intention of our donation to the Humane Society of the United States was for the celebration of animals. Being farmers ourselves we support those who care for their land and their environment, just as we do. We are proud of our rural heritage and value a solid relationship with agricultural communities around the world.

Yellow Tail is committed to the plight of animals in need, and we know that animal welfare groups work in different ways to advance their cause. We are interested in the welfare of animals, and in financially supporting animal welfare causes that provide direct care services to help animals, not on taking positions on any animal lobbying issues. We pledge to you that any future support for animal welfare will go to organizations specifically devoted to hands-on care, such as rescue, sterilization, feeding, or disaster assistance.