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5 Tips To Prevent Fuel Theft On Your Ranch

With the skyrocketing cost of fuel, fuel thefts are growing across the country, particularly from farm fuel tanks, which are usually in remote locations. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) offers these five steps to help decrease the likelihood that fuel thieves will raid your tanks:

  1. Lock both fuel nozzles and filler caps on overhead fuel tanks in rural areas.
  2. Don't leave fuel-burning equipment unattended near roadways or construction sites.
  3. Don't leave portable fuel tanks unattended in fields or at job sites. Even if the tank is empty, thieves may take it and use it to steal fuel at another location! Any type of tank that can be used to transport fuel is susceptible to theft; numerous thefts of chemical tanks at gas well sites have been reported.
  4. Invest in locking fuel caps for your vehicles. A good-quality cap may be purchased for approximately the price of what 3 gals. of fuel now cost!
  5. When purchasing bulk fuel, make sure you get the amount you paid for. It's easy for a dishonest delivery driver to short you 10-20 gals., and then sell it at the end of the day and pocket the money. If at all possible, be present or have a representative present when fuel is delivered to assure you got the number of gallons you paid for.