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The World Is Full Of Heroes

I think it is human nature to be a little selfish. That’s why we love to celebrate our mothers and fathers on their perspective holidays – because they so willingly sacrifice so much for us. The same goes for our men and women in uniform who willingly offer the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Most of us don’t express our thanks nearly enough to these folks, either – true heroes.

I have the same feeling about folks who spontaneously act in emergency situations to save lives. Then there are volunteer leaders in our industry, the folks who put great effort toward building a better livelihood for all of us.

And, then there are folks like our family friend Marge, who willingly sacrifice to simply make the world a better place. Marge is someone willing to invest a lot in helping others. I’m sure she gets enjoyment out of doing it, but she routinely makes the type of decision that most of us don’t make, or struggle to make.

All these heroes make the world a much better place.

I’m not sure yet if I will get to put a steak on the grill for my dad this Sunday, or whether I’ll just get to wish him Happy Father’s Day over the phone. Whether you’re talking dads, public servants, do-gooders or friends, it doesn’t require heroic action to take the time to show our appreciation to our heroes. Just be sure you do it.