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It’s Too Late To Change My Anniversary

I’m not saying I’m not a romantic, but it probably lends some perspective to my status by saying that my new bride and I did look at cows on our honeymoon. We were married at the end of August, which means our anniversary occurs right during our state fair. The result is that we’ve spent virtually every anniversary at the Colorado State Fair, attending a horse or cattle show. But, for the record, I want it known that I’ve always splurged for an extra big lemonade and a funnel cake from the Midway.

This year, our anniversary falls on a Monday, and I have cattlemen’s meetings scheduled at the fair on Monday and Tuesday, the kids are showing over the weekend, and, to top it off, my wife is traveling this week and next. In the past, I probably would have considered the confluence of such events as springing me off the hook of having to devise some romantic surprise. However, my daughter has convinced me that I’m probably pushing my luck.

I honestly don’t yet know what I will do to observe our anniversary but, at the very least, I’m thinking of bringing flowers to the horse barn. My daughter, who too often seems to serve as my conscience in such matters, doesn’t think that Starbucks coffee, a glazed doughnut, and roses are sufficient. I know she’s right, but would it go over any better if I was to try to delay our anniversary for 60 days?