15 best "Scenes from Spring Calving" photos

Congratulations to the finalists in our "Scenes from Spring Calving" photo contest.

Amanda Radke

March 25, 2019

15 Slides

Thanks for voting. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Check here to see our winners!

In March, we teamed up with Igenity Beef to celebrate ranching families and the hard work and long hours they put in during calving season. From newborn calves to maternal cows, readers shared scenes from spring calving.

From these entries, we narrowed down the photographs to 15 finalists. Congratulations to Curt Dahlstrom, Danielle Diniz, Rachel Jones, Louise Hall, Carol Greet, Randi DeBruyne, Autumn Fuhrman, Alex Carone, Suzanne Loepker, Ella Callicott, Derek Stehr, Amanda Towny, Haley Scott, Eric Gardner and Cathy Brown.

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