Beef Roundtable: Calving considerations for a successful calving season

MISSED PART 1? A successful calving season - Pre-calving considerations

Calving season is upon us, and getting ready for this year’s calf crop takes careful planning. The Beef Roundtable brings you a three-part broadcast on how to plan and have a successful calving season, as well as some post-calving considerations. In Part 2, we look at considerations to keep in mind as calving season begins and progresses. This month, the Beef Roundtable takes an in-depth look at calving management with Blake Angell, cattle rancher and partner in Lundgren Angus Ranch, Gove, Kansas, and cattle buyer for Meyer Natural Angus; and Larry Horstman, DVM, emeritus professor at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.

The Beef Roundtable is a joint project with BEEF and Purdue University. It’s a monthly 15-minute video podcast that features some of the top leaders in the beef industry co-hosted by Ron Lemenager, Extension beef specialist at Purdue University and BEEF Senior Editor Burt Rutherford.

DON'T STOP YET! Watch part 3 to get Angell and Horstman's best calving tips here.

In addition to being available on, the sessions can be viewed at, on the Beef Roundtable YouTube channel and iTunes.

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