Calves In The House & Kids In The Barn

 Friendship leads to a blog, which leads to radio interview, which leads to a reminder: farm kids love their livestock, come rain, snow or polar vortex.

February 12, 2014

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Calves In The House & Kids In The Barn

It's funny the things that will catch people's attention. Last week, I did an interview with John Cody, a Chicago broadcaster with WBBM radio. Cody's questions mostly addressed the polar vortex: what did we do to prepare for the storms and the cold, what is this business with frozen waterers and pumps and light bulbs, and most interestingly, why would we bring a calf in the house?

Cody was particularly intrigued by the last question. He was fascinated by the idea that we might bring a calf into the basement or the bathtub, or even the garage. And I think he was quite disappointed that we didn't have one in the house on that exact day, but fortunately he was able to talk with Michael Prescott, a central Illinois cattleman and Illinois Farm Families volunteer, who did. Score one for the farm team.

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